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GOWrite Configuration files

GOWrite 2.3 Configuration files are stored in directory .gowrite in user home directory.

Main configuration file is named gowrite23.cfg in GOWrite 2.3.

GOWrite debug and logging configuration file is named debug23.cfgx in GOWrite 2.3.

Database configuration is stored in database.cfgx file.

Various dialogs and wizards store their last settings in .dsx files. dsx files are java XML serializations of internal state structure.

User home directory

Location of user home directory depend on operating system (and possibly Java version) used. Following are typical locations:

Operating System

Home directory

Unix / Linux


Windows 2000, Xp, and vista

C:\Documents and Settings\username
(This is Windows language dependent)

Mac OS X


Windows 95, 98, Me


System Integration

GOWrite installers in some operating system must alter files in other locations. Below are listed these.

Operating System



Unix / Linux

File types and icons


Windows 2000, Xp, and vista

File types and thumbnail viewer.

Registry settings

Mac OS X



Windows 95, 98, Me

File types (GOWrite 2.3 does not support these) 

Registry settings




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