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Game Database Setup Wizard

This wizard is used to create, change or delete database.

Database Actions

Database Creation

Database creation specifies location for database itself and directories whose content is indexed in database.

Only one database can be used at a time.

Database Rebuild or Modification

Existing database can be rebuild and indexed directories can changed.

Database rebuild may be necessary, if database is damaged. Also if a lot of games is removed from database (either deleted from filesystem or removed form indexing) fastest way to apply changes to database may be rebuild.

Database delete

Database delete removes all files relating to particular database.

Wizard pages

Database directory

Database files are stored in directory. Default directory is usually suitable.

Indexed directories

Games are indexed only from directories selected in this page (and their subdirectories). As only files with sgf extension are read, it is possible to include also directories with other files than SGF files. It is possible to index sgf files stored in ZIP files.



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