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SGF Options Dialog

This dialog contains options relating to SGF file use.

Settings are divided into several pages.

SGF Options page

Language for SGF texts

When showing (or exporting) SGF, supporting texts are sometimes needed. This allows selection of these text to be independent of GOWrite interface language. This may be useful, if full GOWrite translation does not exists, but only text relating to SGF are available as translated.

Read options: Ignore "last move marker" circles

This allows automatic removal of circles used to mark last move. These circles do not have any value in GOWrite, but they can be troublesome when creating diagrams. Usually it is best to remove these circles automatically.

Defaults: Character Set

SGF files can be encoded using several alternative character sets. This settings determines character set used in new files.

List of most commonly used character sets is available in combo box. To use some other character set, just type character set name into this field.

Below character set selection there is status indicator for character set. If character set is not supported, it should not be used. All environment should support ISO8859-1 and UTF-8. SJIS support is present only in some of environment.

ISO8859-1 is most commonly used character set in western countries. SJIS can present Japanese characters. and is most common character set in Japan. UTF-8 is well suited for international uses, as it can present all characters. If compatibility with other programs is important, you should note that supported character sets vary from program to program.

Defaults: SGF variation presentation

SGF files have some options for showing variations.

Show Move Before Variation. When selected, move is shown before alternative for it. This is known as "sibling-style" in SGF4. When not selected variation are shown first (children style).

Show Variation Indicators When selected, variation indicators (A for main game, B for first variation etc) are shown. Selection is stored in SGF file.

SGF Property Options page

This sheet contains options for individual SGF properties.

See SGF format version 4 specification for details of individual properties.

Currently properties can be set to ignore in order to disregard them while reading SGF file.




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