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General Settings

Change GOWrite general settings. These settings include default file types and sizes for various graphical elements in screen.


Change GOWrite language. Normally GOWrite uses operating system's default language. This shows language list and and allows user to select alternative language. Note that GOWrite translations are not available for every language in the list.

SGF options

Change SGF options. This opens dialog that can be used to change how SGF files are read, written, or processed.

Board options

Change board options. This opens dialog where various board related options can be changed, like labeling characters and hoshi locations.

Board Color

Select board color. Several pre-selected colors are available.

Layouts and Graphics options

Changes layouts and Graphics options. These includes lots of parameters. Most important of them are fonts, line widths and margins.

Clipboard Graphics

Change clipboard graphics settings like move size. These options affect the way board is presented in clipboard.

Default Print graphics

Change default print graphics settings like move size. These options affect the way which board is printed.

Default Diagram Settings

Change default print graphics settings. These defaults determine diagram settings when new diagram is added.

Game Database

Change game database settings settings. This opens dialog for configuring game database and its updating.

GOWrite Development and Test...

This is for testing, development and translators. Command opens dialog, where various development and test related operations can be performed. Most important uses are: Activating GOWrite logging (for testing) and altering or adding GO Write localization. Please see technical information for further explanations.

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