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Creating New Game

New game can be created by button.

When new game is created, GOWrite should you dialog where you can enter information about game.

Board size must be selected here always, as board size cannot be changed later on. You can select any of the predefined board sizes (19 by 19, 13 by 13 or 9 by 9). Alternatively you can select custom board size. Custom board size allows you to select board width and height independently.

Other game information can be entered also, but any of it can be entered also later on as well.

Saving Game

Game can be saved with button.

If you want to save game with new name, use button.

Editing game information

Game information contains common information about game as whole. Game information can be entered when creating game, and it can be edited later on.

Typical information stored in game information is player names, date when game has been played and result of the game.

Game information fields are located in the right side of the GOWrite window. Information can be changed with Edit button. Button opens dialog, where most common information is accessible.



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