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Installing in Other Platforms

GOWrite 2.3 may be possible to use in any platform having Java 1.5 runtime environment.

GOWrite 2.2 may be possible to use in any platform having Java 1.4 runtime environment.

If you use GOWrite in any other platform than Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, please let me know results.

Download and Install GOWrite 2

Please download "other platform" installation package of GOWrite 2 from download page. Then continue with instructions in this page.

Installing zip file

After download unzip file to desired directory. zip file contains GOWrite subdirectory (eg. gowrite2_2_1_05).

Starting GOWrite

GOWrite can be started using command "java -jar GOWrite.jar" in installation directory, but this does not offer full functionality (at least help is missing). Please see Unix shell scripts "gowrite" and "gowrite2" for more advanced ways to start GOWrite. In many environments it is possible to just click (double click?) GOWrite.jar, and it will start with above mentioned restriction.

GOWrite Requirements

GOWrite 2 needs Java runtime environment (JRE, version 1.4 or later), to be present. Please note that 1.3.x or earlier runtime can not be used.

Optional Installation Steps

After this installation you may optionally want to configure GOWrite 2 for your WWW browser or desktop

Associate GOWrite with SGF files as

and UGF files as

If you are using several SGF editors, you may want to use GOWrite 2 private file type for GOWrite 2 SGF files. In order to enable Netscape to recognize these files, please use following information:



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