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Adding stones to game

First you should select general editing tool  from mode buttons in left side.

Now stones can be added to board by clkicking board with left mouse button.

Note that in the bottom right you can see list of stones that grows as you add stones.

Moving inside game

There are various ways to move inside game.

Arrow keys RIGHT and LEFT can be used to move to previous and next move. This allows one to replay game move by move.

HOME key takes game 10 moves backwards. END key takes game 10 moves forward.

Note that in bottom right window you can always see last move with red indicator.

Other ways of moving

Another way to move inside game is to use mouse to select move from bottom right window. This can be used to jump directly to certain specific move.

Go - menu has two other commands for going to move by location and by number.


If game contains variations variations, you can select active variation using keys UP and DOWN.

Reading Variations

Enter, space or + -key can be used to read all variations in game.




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