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Adding letters to board

Letters are typically used to mark interesting positions in board. Then commentor can refer to these letters in commenting.

First start by selecting letter  tool. Then you add letters to board location simply by clicking desired board location.

Adding symbol to board

Symbols are typically used to mark interesting areas or groups of stones in the board. Commentator can then refer to these areas or groups by using symbol(s).

First start by selecting general tool , if not yet selected. Then you should select desired positions in the board. Finally you select symbols type from menu Insert > Add Symbol.

Adding labels to board

Labels are typically used to mark special comment text to board.

First start by selecting label  tool. Next label to add can be adjusted in right-hand side of main window. Then click the board location where you want to add label.

It is possible to adjust next label, and select if label is automatically incremented after adding current label. 

Deleting letters labels or symbols

When any of letter, label or symbol is visible in the board, it can be deleted by first selecting their location in board and then pressing delete letters button   in main toolbar.



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