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Diagram Dialog

This dialog allows you to specify diagram properties.

Game can be split into multiple diagrams. Each diagram starts from the point where diagram is located. So to create diagram including moves starting from 101, diagram should be inserted between moves 100 and 101. 

Note that default values for new diagrams can be specified using default diagram setting.

Diagram dialog includes pages for basic settings and advanced settings. Advanced settings are rarely needed.

Diagram title

Diagrams can have title. Depending on diagram's settings this is shown as part of diagram.

Export File Name

When exporting diagrams to files, file name for this diagram is created based on this text.

Move Numbering in Diagram

Adjust number to 1...100

Move numbers larger that 100 are difficult to read. Thus usually first move in diagram is scaled to range 1..100.

Change move numbering

Often move numbering is changed to start from1 when creating alternative move sequences. Starting move number from other values is quite rare.

Visible in Diagram

Include Diagram Title

Includes diagram title in diagram.

Show range of move numbes

Shows range of move numbers in diagram along with title.

Print Board Coordinates

Includes board coordinated in diagram.

Print Exceptions

Includes exceptions in diagram.

Print Hoshi Points

Include hoshi points in diagram.

Print Area

Often only part of board is included in diagram.

Print whole board

This include whole board into diagram.

Keep previous printing area

This uses print area from previous diagram. Thus if print area in previous diagram is changed, changes apply automatically to this diagram.

Print part of the board

This includes only part of the board into diagram. Diagram area can be changed in board below text, or in main editing window using command edit -> Set Print Area.

Advanced Settings

Include move numbers

This is normally selected to print diagram with move numbers.

Remove captured

Normally all moves, including captured moves are show in diagram. However sometimes one wish to remove captured stones in diagram.

Include moves before diagram

This is very special option to shows numbers for moves before diagram start. Normally only moves after diagram are numbered.

Most common use is to show one move from previous diagram.

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