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Board options

This dialog allows modifications to way board is presented in screen and printed.

Misc Board options

Label Generation

Type of automatically generated labels. GOWrite 2 generates labels automatically. This setting determines symbols used to mark labels in board.

Coordinate Style

Coordinate style varies in different countries. In Japan first dimension is marked with numbers and second dimension is marked with kanji. In western countries first dimension is marked with characters and second with numbers.

This settings determines if Japanese or western presentation is used. Alternative this setting can depend on configured locale.

Hoshi Dots

Various settings determine how hoshi dots are shown in boards that equal or are smaller that 13 by 13 or 9 by 9.

Setting allows host dots to be visibel in all boards, in standard boards (19 by 19, 13 by 13 or 9 by 9), or in none of board sizes.

Setting allows corner hoshi to be in 3-3 point or 4-4 point in 13 by 13 board.

Setting allows 4, 5 or 9 hoshi dots to be visible independently in 13 by 13 board and in 9 by 9 board.

Detailed Exception Options

Exceptions are show below board for moves that cannot be shown in board.

Visibility can be selected separately for display and for diagrams.

Combining exceptions

GOWrite can combine similar exceptions to create more concise exception list. In particular ko situations may be combined for both colors.

It is possible to select if (and how much) order of moves may be changed for better combining.




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