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GOWrite 1 is quite old and does not work well in new Windows versions. Please see GOWrite 2 for well-working version.

GOWrite 1 is Windows program for viewing, editing and printing GO diagrams. It can be used as www viewer for SGF format game records.
GOWrite 2 is improved GOWrite version, so you might want to consider use of it.

Japanese users: Please see 日本語 mail-go pages for GOWrite and mail go information.

GOWrite 1 is now freeware. If you want to support GOWrite, please consider translating GOWrite 2 into your local language. Also if you create materal using GOWrite, I would like to have a copy, as this way I know how GOWrite is actually used.

If you are not running Windows or GOWrite 1 does not fill your needs, please see GOWrite 2. This new version contains lots of improvements over 1.4 version.

Stable version

GOWrite 1.4p

This is Win 95/ Win98 / WinNT4 / Win2000 / WinXP setup program (Download GOWrite v. 1.4p).

Old versions

GOWrite 1.4o

There is Win 95/ Win98 / WinNT setup program (Download GOWrite v. 1.4o).

Windows 3.1 setup program (Download GOWrite v. 1.4o) [620K]. This should be used only in 16-bin windows and WinNT3.x

Please note that Windows 3.1 setup program contains old adress. my snail mail address has changed to:
 Lauri Paatero
 Rikalantie 4
 00970 Helsinki


Any feedback is most welcome. .

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Java and Java-related are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun.
Windows and MSWord is are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft inc.
GOWrite is trademark of Lauri Paatero.