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Commands in this menu are rarely used using this menu. Usually these commands are used with keyboard shortcuts, or from toolbar. Shocut keys are visible in menu.


Go one step forward in game.


Go one step backward in game.

 Read Forward

Go one step forward in game and visit all variations.

 Read Backward

Go backward in game and visit all variations.

Next Variation Select next variation as active variation.
Back Variation Select previous variation as active variation.

Forward 10 steps

Go 10 steps forward in game.

Backward 10 steps

Go 10 steps backward in game.

Diagram forward

Go to next diagram.

Diagram backward

Go one diagram backward.

Game Beginning

GO to start of game.

Game End

Go to end of game.

Go to move number

Go to move with specified move number.

Find from Game

Find move (or label) in selected board location.

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