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Insert Menu


Add pass move.


Add character to board.


Add any label to board.


Add X, circle, triangle or rectangle symbol to board. Can also fill region with symbol.

Black Setup Stones

Add black without number. Can also fill region with black stones.

White Setup Stones

Add white without number. Can also fill region with white stones.

Hide Moves

Hide moves in board. This is special and rarely needed operation. Example use: In variation one might hide certain move played many moves ago in order to play demonstrate what could happen if move is missing. This technique is not recommended for everyday use, as file made with this technique may be difficult to follow.

New Diagram

Add diagram start after current move.

New Diagram before Current

Add diagram start before current move.

Forced Number Change

Changes stone number for next stone.

Comment Node

Add empty node. This can be used to add extra comments to game.

Comment Node Before Current

Add empty node just before current node. This is useful when adding node to start of variation.

Symbol submenu

Symbol X




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