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Print and Export Wizard

Print and export wizard make it easy to prepare game record for printing or exporting.

Even if wizard does not produce exactly desired diagrams, it may be faster to start with wizard, and then edit individual diagrams.

Target Selection Page

GOWrite can add diagrams to game, to all games in current file (collection) or to selected games.

It is also possible to indicate type of material that is being created. Material selection affects various heuristics GOWrite uses when creating diagrams.

Diagram Locations Page

In diagram locations page you can select how GOWrite adds diagrams to game.

Typically diagrams are added every 50 move in main game.

If any variations exists, they usually start with diagram start.

Diagram Area Page

GOWrite can guess board area used for each diagram when creating diagram. In this page user can select where GOWrite attempts this guessing.

Diagram Settings

Most diagram settings are taken from default diagram settings.

Diagram title

Diagram title may contain placeholders for diagram, game or file number. Game and file numbers can be used to create running number of problem or file in large set of files.

Table below gives

{0} Main game diagram numbering, starting from 1 in each game.
{1} Variation diagram numbering, starting from 1 in each game.
{2} Total diagram numbering, starting from 1 in each game.
{3} Main game diagram numbering within file.
{4} Variation diagram numbering within file.
{5} Total diagram numbering within file.
{6} Game number within file, when exporting collection or files.
{7} File number when exporting multiple files.




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