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General Settings Dialog

This dialog allows modifications to GOWrite general settings.

General Page


Use Small Icons

GOWrite can show icons is two sizes. Small icons may be desirable in low-resolution devices.

Move size

GOWrite can show moves in tree and in places in three different sizes. Best size depends on many factors and you should test different sizes to find the one that fits you best.

GOWrite look and feel

GOWrite can be used with any of look and feels supported in Java This allows selection of any currently present look and feels, or automatic selection of system look and feel.

File Options

Default file extensions

GOWrite has two different extensions for files SGF and GW2. File format is same, but GW2 is used exclusively by GOWrite, whereas SGF extension is used by many other SGF editing programs. Sometimes it is desirable not to use SGF extensions for GOWrite files. This allows use of alternative extension GW2 in GOWrite.

Typical case when alternative extension is desirable is when two SGF editors are used and each file should be used only with the program that has originally created it.

Keep backup files

GOWrite can keep backup copies of SGF files. File "myfile.sgf" is backed up to "backup myfile.sgf" in same directory.

Ignore temporary files in file history

Files downloaded into temporary file directory are meant to be deleted soon. For this reason it does not make sense to put them into file history normally.

Archive temporary files

GOWrite can make copies of temporary SGF files into archival directory automatically. This way files are not lost even when they are removed from temporary directory.

Editing Options

Automatic Diagram insertion for variations

When selected, GOwrite inserts diagram start at the start of variation. Stones in variation will be printed or exported only when variation contains diagram start.

Network Page

Network page allows setting of Network proxy.






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