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GOWrite Main Window

GOWrite main window is where most of GOWrite use is done.

GOWrite main window contains number of important elements. In following most important elements are introduced.

Game Viewing


Board contains current stones. Depending on view mode (Normal, Game or Print) some of moves are numbered. In Normal and Print view all moves in current diagram are numbered. In Game view only last or few last moves are numbered.

Game Information

Game information contains data relevant to game as whole, such as name of white and black players.


Comments belonging to current node are shown.

Key Elements for Editing

Game Tree

Game tree gives overview to moves, game variations and diagrams. This gives good overview to currently viewed game.

Diagram start  and commented nodes are visible in example game tree.

Current position in game is marked using red background in game tree.

Editing tool

Different editing tools allow editing of different objects in board.


Additional exception information about moves (passes, stones not visible) is visible in exceptions.

Editing Game Information

Game information can be edited using Edit button in game information area.

Other Elements

Node information

Node information has information relevant to current node or current position in game.

Any single node may contain a move, mark-ups in board, diagram start or other less common elements.

Menu and Shortcut Icons

These are normal application menu and shortcuts to most important menu commands.



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