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Edit Menu


Reverses a series of editing actions (one at a time).


Reverses a series of Undo commands (one at a time).

Copy Current Diagram

Copies current diagram to the clipboard (Windows only). Game must have diagram before current for command to work.

Copy Displayed Board

Copies current board on screen to the clipboard.

Copy SGF

Copy (part of) game into clipboard in SGF format.

Paste SGF

Paste SGF formatted game (or part of game) from cliboard.


Delete currently selected items in board. Editing mode limits deleted items.

Delete Node(s)

Deletes current node(s).

Delete Stone

Delete currently selected stone(s).

Delete Board Markings

Delete currently selected markings.

Mirror and Rotate

This shows submenu containing various command to mirror and rotate either whole game or just selected stones.

Edit Diagram Settings

Edits settings for current diagram.

Set Print Area

Sets print area to currently selected board area.

Edit Mode

Change editing mode This opens submenu, where editing modes are available.

Edit Comment

Edit comment text.

Stop editing

Finnish comment editing.

Set Print Area

Set print area in current diagram to current selected area.

Change Color to Add

Change color for next added move.

Mirror and Rotate sub-menu

Normal Editing

Edit all objects in the board.

Edit Moves

Edit moves in board. Add moves.

Edit Black Stones

Edit moves in board. Add black setup stones.

Edit White Stones

Edit moves in board. Add white setup stones.

Edit Characters

Edit character markings in the board.

Edit Labels

Edit labels in the board.

Edit X Markings

Edit X markings in the board.

Edit Circle Markings

Edit circle markings in the board.

Edit Square Markings

Edit square markings in the board.

Edit Triangle Markings

Edit Triangle markings in the board.

Copy SGF sub-menu

Copy Game in SGF Format

Copy whole game into cliboard using SGF format.

Copy From Here in SGF Format

Copy game from current point to end in SGF format.

Paste SGF sub-menu

Paste Game as New Game

Paste SGF formatted game from cliboard to new game.

Paste Here

Paste SGF game from cliboard to current position.

Mirror and Rotate sub-menu

Mirror Selection Horizontally

Mirror Selection Vertically

Rotate Selection 90 Clockwise

Rotate Selection 180

Rotate Selection 90 Counterclockwise

Mirror Board Horizontally

Mirror Board Vertically

Rotate Board 90 Clockwise

Rotate Board 180

Rotate Board 90 Counterclockwise

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