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Material Preparation

Material preparation has number of practical points.

Working order

It is possible to start with text or with diagrams.

Typical writing flow instructions say that text should be written first. Only when text is ready, pictures should be added.

However, if author wants to have good comments from others, it is quite necessary to have diagrams already reasonable well placed. Without knowing correct diagrams go text may be quite difficult to follow.

Numbering stones

Some SGF editors add numbers to stoned using Label. While this is possible way to work, it is easy to forget to update numbers, if moves are ever changed.

Best way in GOWrite is let gowrite assign numbers. In rare where number of stones do not exists, it is possible to force move numbers in GOWrite.

Moves in ko positions

GOWrite automates marking of stones in ko-positions and in other exception situations. If you want to create these markings manually, you can disable automation in Options - Board Options in page Detailed Exceptions.

It is good practice to show all exceptions on screen, as many of these indicate probably undesirable situations.

GOWrite does include only few localizations for exception texts. If you need localizations for your local language, you may want to consider translating just these messages in GOWrite.

Move diameter in diagram

When deciding move diameter in publication, desired style of publication should be considered, as well as amount of content that diagrams will contain. Typical good diameter for move is from 3.2mm to 4.5mm in printed material. Good move diameters in WEB are from 14 pixels to 22 pixels.

If diagrams do not contain moves with large numbers, it may be possible to use move diameter down to 3.0mm or 12 pixels, and even smaller diameters.



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