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Online material

Online material does not need high printing quality, but it has often other special needs.

WWW pages

WWW pages need to be readable with most systems in Internet. For this bitmap graphics are suitable.

Diagrams and comments can be exported using (X)HTML and PNG graphics. Result is possible to publish immediately, but it is also possible to edit result for better formatting layout in normal (X)HTML editors.

SVG graphics can be used to create online material, but support for SVG format is still somewhat limited.

Wiki and other text pages

GOWrite can produce ASCII diagrams suitable for various Wiki pages. Currently supported are:

If you would like to have ASCII output in other format, please contact GOWrite author.

PDF files

When doing PDF for downloading, it is quite important to check PDF size.

PDF size depending on diagram graphics type and graphic options. Major factor in total size is the way fonts used in move numbers are encoded in graphics. Please see graphic formats for more details on formats and text.




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