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Graphic Options for Export

This dialog allows modifications to the way diagram is presented.


This can be used to select format used for export.

Available formats depend partially on formats supported by platform.

See Creating Graphics for discussion on formats.

List of formats and their options

This list contains option sets available for format. Active option set can be selected. Option set defined format specific options fo export.l

Options Button

This can be used to modify format option sets.

Back and White Diagram

This selection produces back and white diagrams. These are highly readable and often used in books and other printed material.

Color Diagram

This selection produces colored diagrams. Colored diagrams ar etypically used in online presentations.

Move dimension

This sets dimension of move. Dimension is expressed in either pixels (raster formats) or in millimeters (vector formats) depending on graphics format. Some formats (like EPS) use both dimensions, as they produce both vector and bitmap (preview) graphics.




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