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Current Diagram
Current diagram is the diagram into which current node belongs.
Diagram contains moves from definition of diagram up to next diagram (or game/variation end.). When printing and exporting each diagram result in one picture of board, usually with numbered moves. Numbered moves are those coming after the diagram, so diagram located between moves 100 and 101 includes numbered moves 101 and up.
In normal game first diagram is in start of file, so that all moves are visible in this diagram. Moves in variation are not visible in any diagram, unless there is diagram at the start of variation.
One diagram is always within main game or one variation. 
Diagrams are stored in SGF file.
Displayed Board
Board as it is displayed in the screen. Display settings determine exact way, which board is shown.
Game tree

GOWrite shows always list of moves in game. This list is visible in bottom right corner of GOWrite window. Moves, diagrams, variations and comments are indicated in game tree.

Game flow is divided into nodes. Each node contains typically one move, board markups or collection changes to board and comments. Game is moved node at a time (or several nodes at a time).
The tool selection area is at the left side of window. Tools allows you to quickly add specific things to board or limit editing to specific board object types. Short overview to tools gives quick view to available tools. More detailed information is available in tool details.





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