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Testing Publication

It is good practice to test publication creation tools together before creating lots of material using them. This exercise explains most important things, that should be tested before starting actual work.

Adjust default diagram

Pick game to use for testing and open it in GOWrite. Suitable game should contain ko-fight, so that related issues are tested.

Add one diagram (Insert -> New Diagram) to start of game. If there is already diagram in start of game, remove it and add new.

Use Edit -> Copy Current Diagram to copy first diagram. Paste it into editor using Edit -> Paste in editor.

Adjust diagram settings (... in screen) and Option -> Clipboard Graphics. Pay attention to at least following: Do you want GOWrite to produce captions, exception list (for showing ko) and coordinates? Copy modified diagram again to see adjustments in editor.

After these settings are suitable, modify same settings in Options -> Default Diagram Settings to selected values. Now you don't have to set these for new diagrams, but any new diagrams you create have initially these settings.

Test new default settings by adding new diagram to game. Settings should be correct without any changes.

Various detail changes to diagram graphics can also be done in Options -> Layout and Graphics Options.

Test graphics processing

Large number of different graphics formats exists. Most programs can process only few formats, and significant quality differences are not exceptional.




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