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GOWrite 2 is a full-featured SGF viewer, editor and publishing tool for game of Go. Go is known in Japan as go(囲碁), in China as weichi(围棋), and in Korean as baduk(바둑).
GOWrite 2 special strengths are in publication creation. See the Fact sheet for list of features.
GOWrite 2 is freeware.

Now there is also Hactar go for SGF recording, review, playing and search in Android!

Japanese users: Please see 日本語 mail-go pages for GOWrite and mail go information.

If you are really busy

Current version

GOWrite 2 3.1.5 is available now. The 3.1 versions add new features and offers improvements in multiple areas. Most recent addition is ability to use katago to analyse games.
Sometimes development versions are available, see download page for current status. Development version contains features and bug fixes not present in stable version, but it has not been completely tested, and may fail in unexpected ways.
If you find any problems in either version, please let me know.

Version in your own language?

GOWrite is localized for few languages. If your language is missing, you could create it! Creating new localization is not so difficult, everything needed is included in normal GOWrite installation. Also improving partial translation is easy.

GOWrite 2 Requirements

In order to work reasonably, GOwrite 2 3.0.19 and later requires Java Runtime environment (JRE) 11 or later. In Windows the JRE is integrated into GOWrite, so no separate download is needed. Particular JRE's may have additional requirements in some environments.


GOWrite 2 is freeware. If you want to support GOWrite work, feel free send me some go-related material, preferably something you have made yourself.
If you create materal using GOWrite, please send me a copy (or link) if possible. This way I know how GOWrite is actually used.

If you have any problems or any other license needs, please see GOWrite contacts.

Distributing GOWrite

If you want to combine GOWrite 2 with something else, please let me know.


By now there are lots of people, who have helped in making GOWrite what it is now. I would especially like to thank the following persons who have helped:


Any feedback is most welcome. .

Trademark Notice

Java and Java-related are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun.
Windows and MSWord is are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft inc.
GOWrite is trademark of Lauri Paatero.