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Editing and Commenting Game

This chapter explains basic game commenting and game information.

Comment Text

Comment text can be edited in text area in right side of window. Editing can be started by F2 or by clicking text box using mouse. Editing can be finished using ESC key.

Game Information

Most important game information is shown on top of board. This information includes:

Less common or important game information is shown in right hand side in main window, when in start of game.

Board Markings

Board markings can be used to mark for example interesting points or territories.

Various different markings can be added to board.

Editing Markings in Board

Items locations in board can be changed directly using mouse. Selected board items can be dragged into new location. Note that used editing tool determines which items are affected.

Deleting Markings

First selecting markings to delete in character or label editing tool ( or ). After this Edit -> Delete can be used to delete selected markings.

Alternatively Edit -> Delete Markings () deletes selected markings from board independent of editing tool.






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