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Editing Variations

GOWrite can record alternative continuations for game. These are called variations. Variation can be used for game commenting, when sequences are too difficult to present using board markings.

One move can have several variations.

Usually each variation presents new diagram.

Adding Variations

Any node can have one or more variations. These variations present alternate continuations after node.

Insert -> New Variation for This adds alternative continuation for current move.

Insert -> New Variation After This adds alternative continuation after current move.

Deleting Variation

When variation contains only one node, it is possible to delete variation. To delete variation move to first node in variation and use menu command Edit -> Delete Variation.

If variation contains more than one node, it is necessary to delete any additional nodes (moves, move setup etc...) first.

Moving variations

Gametree can be used to drag and drop moves and variations to different locations within game.




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