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File Menu

New New

Creates new game and empties the contents of the editor. You can record new game after this command. See Editing game for more information about the source editor.

New Window

Create new GOWrite window.

Open Open

Opens an existing file in this editor window.

Open in New Window

Opens an existing file in new window.

Save Save

Saves current game using its past name. If file does not yet have name, functions as Save As command below..

Save As

Saves current game using new name. Opens file chooser dialog box for selecting file name.


Advanced feature to view other games in currently open file, if current SGF file contains more than one game.

Print and Export Wizard

Wizard for quickly setting up game for printing or exporiting. Helps in adding necessary diagrams into game.


Print one or more diagrams.


Export one or more diagrams and comments.

File Picklist

GOWrite maintains a list of files that you load into the editor. Whenever you load a file into the editor, its name is added to the top of the list. Choose a file from this list to load it in the editor.

This list contains the 6 most recently edited files in the order they were loaded into the editor. This list is maintained across GOWrite sessions. 


Quits the GOWrite.

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Context menus

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