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View Menu

View alters the way which board is shown in screen.

Normal View

Normal viewing and editing mode.

Game View

Simple view without none or 1 to 4 move numbers. View settings can be used to select number of visible stones.

Print View

Printing-like view.

Show Move Before Variation

When selected, move is shown before alternative for it. This is known as "sibling-style" in SGF4. When not selected variation are shown first (children style). Selection is stored in SGF file.

Show Variation Indicators

When selected, variation indicators (A for main game, B for first variation etc) are shown. Selection is stored in SGF file.

Reuse window

Opens new files in previous window. This makes it unnecessary to continuosly close windows used to show previous file.

View Settings

This can be used to adjust various view options.

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Main menus

File Menu, Edit Menu, Go Menu, Insert Menu, Variation Menu, Options Menu, Window Menu, Help Menu

Context menus

Board Popup Menu, Game Tree Popup Menu



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