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Basic Editing Functions

This page describes basic editing functions of the GOWrite editor. This editing includes opening and saving files and adding and deleting stones. Next step explains comments and board markings.

Creating a New Game

There are two ways you can create and edit a new game:

If you have modified current file, GOWrite asks if you want to save file before creating new empty game.

Opening an Existing Game

There are three ways you can open an existing file:

Saving Game to File

There are two ways to save the current game to file:

If you want to save the current file to a different file name than previously, you should use Save As command:

Moving in the game

You can move within game using various techniques:

After moving GOWrite shows position as after last move.


Next move is indicated in GOWrite game status area. Status area shows also number of captured stones, and time used by players.

Inserting Stone

Move to position in the game where you want to add stone. Status area should show number of stone you are about to add. Check that you are using normal editing tool () or move editing tool ().

After preparation just click location in board where you want to add stone.


You have recorded moves 1-20. Now you want to add black stone before black stone 11 and after white stone 10. Before adding stone you should move so, you should have white stone 10 as last move when adding black stone.

Deleting Stones

There are a number of ways to delete stones:

Last two editing methods require normal editing tool () and move editing tool ().

Undo and Redo

Last editing operation(s) can be reversed using Edit -> Undo ().

Reversed editing operations can be redone using Edit -> Redo ().

Keyboard Commands

You can use the keyboard to execute many source editor commands and to navigate within the source editor window. See Keyboard Actions for a list of these commands.




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