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Support and Contacts

GOWrite Support and feedback

I try to develop GOWrite based on users needs, so please tell me what changes or additions you would like to see!

If you have any problems or if you would like to have some new feature in GOWrite, please let me know!

GOWrite Forum

GOWrite has support forum . I follow this forum regularly, so if possible, please post problems, feature requests and other matters there.

Support forum includes also announcements, thips & tricks and other information.

GOWrite Help

GOWrite has English and Japanese help online. Same help is also available in programs help, altough version may be different.

GOWrite mail contact

You can also mail me to gowrite_support [at] gowrite.net .


GOWrite contains bugs, as any complex software. If you find one, please report it in the GOWrite forum, or send mail to me. Most important is just let me know that some feature is broken. If you can point out exact conditions for problem, even better.

Old GOWrite Versions

Older version, including GOWrite 1.4, are no longer actively developed. Still if you find problems, or need help, please contact me. GOWrite contains lots of less known features, or some of more recent versions might already contain desired features.

Trademark Notice

Java and Java-related are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun.
Windows and MSWord is are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft inc.
GOWrite is trademark of Lauri Paatero.