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Download and install GOWrite 2

Please download "Linux / Unix" installation package of GOWrite 2 from download page. Then continue with instructions in this page.

Installing rpm file

As root execute
rpm -U gowrite2-3.0.14.rpm
(substitute correct rpm file name.) This installs gowrite into /opt/gowrite2 directory.

Running GOWrite 2

GOWrite has two shell scripts available in installation directory. Basic script is "gowrite" and it just starts GOWrite. Advanced script "gowrite2" uses same GOWrite instance for all files. gowrite2 script is still under development and if you find problems, please report them.

GOWrite Requirements

GOWrite 2 needs Java runtime environment (JRE, version 11or later), to be present.

Tested platforms

GOWrite 2 linux installation has been tested in current Opensuse leap, and periodically using other RPM-based distributions. Currently GOWrite is tested using JRE 11 (or later) version.

I have got reports that GOwrite2 rpm installs fine to ubuntu (using normal ubuntu RPM handling).

Java Runtime Download and Install

Please up your distributions package management to install java.

Optional installation steps

Create icon for starting GOWrite 2

You may start GOWrite from command line by command "gowrite" or "gowrite2". Alternatively you may create icon for starting it. Icon creation is not documented here, as it varies amoung Linux systems significantly.

gowrite is basic script for starting GOWrite 2. gowrite2 is more advanced script. It uses same JRE virtual machine for all files and thus offers faster file opening.

Associate GOWrite 2 with SGF files.

GOwrite 3.0 installation scripts create SGF mime type and assosiates GOWrite with SGF files.

After this installation you may optionally want to install GOWrite 2 for desktop or browser.

GOWrite 2 can be added as helpper application in Linux for browser.
Associate GOWrite with


Any feedback is most welcome. .

Trademark Notice

Java and Java-related are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun.
Windows and MSWord is are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft inc.
GOWrite is trademark of Lauri Paatero.