Hactar Go

Hactar Go is Android application for go players. Hactar Go plays both go and capture go. It is fun to learn go with Hactar Go! For skilled players Hactar offers many practical tools.

Hactar Go is available in Google Play.

Hactar Go Lite

If you just want to try out go (or Hactar), install Hactar Go Lite. Hactar Go Lite lacks strong go opponent and may contain less go problems, material or services.

Play Capture Go

Capture Go is good way to learn to play go. Playing Capture Go with Hactar teaches you basics of playing. After learning Capture Go it is easy to start to play go!

Play Go

Hactar has game engine running in server ready for playing. This way you can play against decent opponent in all phones and tablets! Go Engine is reasonably strong in 9x9 boards, and in 13x13 it still offers decent opponent. 19x19 board is also supported.

Strong go opponent (professional leve in 19x19) is available as additional service.

Go Problems

Both Hactar Go and Hactar Go Lite contain currently over 410 problems (tsumego) divided into beginner, easy, intermediate and expert levels. It is also easy to download additional 400 problems by GO Game Guru.

Pattern and text search

Hactar Go supports searching games from your device and from Internet. Hactar Go Lite supports searching games from local device.

Viewing and recording

Hactar supports viewing SGF, UGI, NGF and GIB files. So no matter what server you are using, Hactar can read your game records!

Hactar supports common features in SGF files, including comments, variations, markups and territory marking.

Ai Analysis

Hactar supports game analysis using strong Ai.

Even more accurate analysis is available as additional service.


Most recent new about Hactar (and GOWrite) is available in the blog. The blog contains major changes in Hactar, bots used in Hactar and other related things.

Hactar go in your language?

Author provides English and Finnish localization of Hactar. Other localizations are from community (thank you for those!).

Please see forum posting about localization. Hactar Localization is done at weblate localization. All localizations are created and maintained there.

Supported Devices

Hactar Go works fully on Android 7.1 and later phones and tablets.

Deleting user information

If you want to remove all your information from Hactar servers, please send request using feedback. Please provide email address, so that request can be verified.


Please send me any comments!