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GOWrite translation tool is build into GOWrite. This makes translation work easy to start.

Translation Steps

Translation requires number of steps:

Setting translation up

Following screen shots present making of translation.

Translation tools are located in GOWrite Development and test menu.

First step in translation is selection of language. In screen below Chinese language translation is being created.

When selecting language, not all languages are show by default. Show All button expands list to contain all languages known in system. This list can be quite long!

New language takes effect only after restart of GOWrite.

Before closing GOWrite, you can also Enable interactive translation in translation tool.


When GOWrite is started interactive translation enabled, GOWrite interface uses selected language (or English, if translation has not yet been done).

In interactive translation, translatable user interface strings are marked with square.

In order to translate string, press F12 key and then click string in screen. This opens dialog, where translations can be entered. In dialog below, menu entry File has been selected after F12. Some of these translations take effect immediately after closing the dialog. However some of translations take effect only after GOWrite restart.


Any of strings listed in left-hand side list can be translated by first selecting string in the list.

Manual translation

It is also possible to look at all of translations. In Translation tool Edit Translation button opens window, where different translation groups can be seelcted for editing. File menu can be used open each of strings sets (property files).

Each translation is divided into several separate sets of strings. Each set contains certain string types.

To start translation:

Each string value has identifier in left column. Middle column contains default text. Current translated string value is in rightmost columns and can be edited by double clicking it.

Note that few string values allow new line in string. At the moment translation tool does not allow easy editing of these string.

Some of String contain constructions like {0}. These indicate place where values are inserted when GOWrite uses strings. Also more complex constructions are used in some special cases. If you feel unsure or have problems with them, please contact GOWrite author for help.

Testing translation

After translation looks reasonable, it can be tested using translation tool button Test Translation.

Sending translation

When translation is usable, it can be sent to gowrite.net using translation tools Send button.

Please provide name and email address, so that GOWrite author can contact you if needed.

Minimal Translation for localized publications

GOWrite generates some texts, most notably exception messages in diagrams. In order to produce publications completely in ones local language, these messages should be translated.

Fastest way to translate these is using manual translation. During manual translation, translate only message in SGF file whose name starts with EXCEPTION_.

Translation file location

Translation file will be located in same directory as GOWrite configuration file. Translation files are names translation_xx_YY_v, where xx is language, YY is country and v is GOWrite version.

Distributing translation

In order to be useful translation needs to be distributed to end users. There are basically two possible ways to this.

Distribute translation by yourself.

This has several practical problems.

Incorporate translation to standard GOWrite

Widest distribution for translations is obtained by incorporating translation into standard GOWrite distribution.


If translation is to be incorporated into GOWrite, copyright issues must be taken care of. Translator has copyright for translation work. Thus translator permission is needed in order to incorporate translation into GOWrite. This permission has couple of possible forms.

One possible solution is to set translation into public domain. This requires only statement from translator in that effect. As result anyone can use and improve translation. As alternative one may retain translation copyright, but give sufficient permissions for incorporating translation into GOWrite. Required permissions include:

Help translation

Technically translations for help are possible to do. However help translation must be organized case-by-case at this moment. If you are interested in doing help translation, please contact GOWrite author.



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