New engine playing

My first engine to play is now playing in 9×9 board. Engine is pretty typical AlphaZero trained engine with deep neural network. And name engine is Hactar, as this is intended for Hactar android app, although engine will be on cloud.

Currently engine is active on cgos bot server . At the moment Hactar is in 2nd  place among active bots, but in past there have been significantly stronger bots in the server. When Hactar is not playing anymore, past results can be found also from bayes estimation pages.

Engine is using one 1080ti card, CPU use is not significant.

The engine name “Hactar-7-181” contains also neural network model number (7) and the training iteration. For details of neural network and differences between versions, I will need to write another posting.

Creating new engine

Creating a go engine used to be a huge effort. After a basic program structure was in place, a lot of tuning was needed.

Since Deep neural Networks were adapted to go, creating a new engine has been a lot less work.

And since the AlphaZero go engine training technique, creating a strong go engine is not so much work, but awfully lot of GPU computing time.

So currently I am in progress of doing new engine for Hactar. This has progressed really well; I hope to be able to publish results really soon (still, do not hold your breath). The main challenge is to reduce the needed GPU time to something reasonable.