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Lauri Paatero
Rikalantie 4
00970 Helsinki
Tel +358 50 5452 225
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Interests: GO

GO is an old board game. For more information on go in finnish, see Finnish Wiki page on Go or for english Sensei's library

I play regularily in Helsinki Go Club, my ranking is 4 dan. Go has been my hobby for more than 35 years.

I have written go program called GOWrite 2. Recently I have also written go program Hactar Go for android phones. If you have any questions about them, please let me know. I am starting a blog relating to my go programs.

PDF kifu for printing.

Gosta suomeksi

Olen kirjoittanut aloittelijan kirjan "GO - Mikä se on?".

Lisäksi olen tehnyt aikojen kuluessa monenlaista go-materiaalia:

Vanhempia versioita:


Teen usein myös japanilaista tuokaa, joskus myös ravintolapäivillä.
Some games for testing.
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