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GOWrite 3.0.14

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:23 pm
by lpaatero
Version 3.0.14 is is stable bug-fix version.
Fixed bugs:
  • * Show diagram area when diagram is current node
    * Correct database handling (database management was broken)
    * Correct closing of gowrite process
    * Change sh to bash in startup scripts
Cumulative changes from previous major stable version (2.3):
  • * UI clean-up, lots of small adjustments.
    * Good / bad move indicators are supported.
    * Move exception can include custom text.
    * Exception list formatting is improved.
    * Score estimator can estimate territory. Does not require fully closed territories.
    * Large number of minor bug fixes due to improvements in code base due to Hactar go.
    * Fixes for various reported problems.