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GOWrite 2.3.31

Posted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:21 am
by lpaatero
GOWrite 2.3.31 is collection various kinds of updates and new style system. This version will not be stable version, as translation is not possible and help updates are missing.

New features
  • - Support for multiple layout parameter sets. In this version only one be selected at a time. Future version will allow different styles for different uses and other fancy things.
Fixes & Updates
  • - Corrected minor bug in EPS (no know problematic effect).
    - Improved visual outlook of triangle.
    - Fixed some broken variation editing functions.
    - Updated H2 database and innosetup.
    - Added windows 7 compatibility manifest to GOWrite.exe
Some new parameters have been added to Layout. These may help reducing work in layout work.
  • - Added parameter for margins to board.
    - Added margins for whole diagram. These may help in typesetting diagrams.
    - Added shrink / grow parameter for white numbers (in past only for black).
    - Symbol line thickness is now relative to move size, not absolute.
- Lauri