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GOWrite 2.3.29

Posted: Mon May 03, 2010 12:48 pm
by lpaatero
This version includes some very usable but little tested search improvements:
  • * Big improvement to search usability: Continuations can be searched easily from search results with single click. Limitation in initial release: please let search continue until the end before continuing to variations.
    * Selections made in search windows often were unselected, if search were still ongoing. In slow systems this made it impractical to browse results while search was still ongoing.
    * Added database content viewer for finding duplicate games. Access this using Content -button in database setup dialog.
    * Removed Details button from database setup wizard. This was not very usable, and lately it seems to be completely broken.
    * Board in search results is bit smaller then before. Future goal is to make board size easily adjustable.
-- Lauri