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GOWrite 2.3.20

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GOWrite 2.3.20 is stable bug-fix version, fixes:
  • * 2.3.17 introduced bug in variation deletion. Now fixed.
    * New H2 database engine version with stability fixes.
Changes from 2.2 versions are listed in http://gowrite.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=705.

Changes from previous stable release (2.3.16, http://gowrite.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=707):
  • * Collection dialog "delete game" deleted wrong game.
    * Improvements to automatic diagram area detection in game wizard.
    * OpenDocument text export now uses gowrite-specific styles and puts bookmark at the start of game.
    * Improvement in exception text layout (added space aftter ",").
    * Fixed bug that prevents printing games with header and without gameinformation.
    * Improvements in game search: Search handles now moves as specified in SGF spec. Quite significant speed optimization leading to change in database data. New indexing does not fully index extremely large games (over 600000 nodes; for comparison kogo is only about 20000 nodes); this prevents out-of-memory errors due to indexing.
    * Search now ignores duplicate games.
    * It was not possible to add Game information to game, if not yet present. Now game information can be added.
    * Full-board rotations now rotate diagram areas. Partial rotations do not.
    * Moves violating normal game alternation and rules are marked in game tree.
    * Fixes to game information handling. Most visible is that GOWrite can now parse non-standard dates like mm-dd-yyyy in DT property.
    * Game information in database can now be exported to tab-separated text file. This includes most common game information fields, file and directory names and hash of game content (for duplicate detection).
-- Lauri
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