SGF files: Exchaning SGF with other programs

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SGF files: Exchaning SGF with other programs

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Stone numbers behave strangely

Some programs put stones numbers as text labels (like "123") for diagram. This can be confusing, as those numbers do not obey diagram start and other related settings. Editing them is thus fully manual work.
If you have this kind of file, you can set GOWrite to show labels in italics, so that you can easily see when number in board is label and when it is "real" move number. Label font can be changed to italics (and back) from Options->Font.

CGoban3 has "label moves" command, it puts move numbers into moves as text labels. Do not use this feature, if you plan to print game using GOWrite.

Game is not present as main variation

Some programs (most notably KGS) produce SGF, where main line of game is in variation. In KGS this happens for example when undo is done during game. Fast fix for this kind of game is to go to last move of "real" game, and do command Variation->Make This Part Of Game.

Problems with national characters

In 2.1 and before GOWrite uses default character set that is compatible with old SGF program. However this may limit ability to use national characters. In these cases best attempt is to change character set to UTF-8 in Options-> General Setting -> SGF Options page.
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