Does it Import & Export SGF files?

GOWriteME is (discontinued) Java MIDP2 application for game recoding, review and go problem solving.

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Does it Import & Export SGF files?

Post by h4nul » Thu Apr 19, 2007 5:25 pm


I've bought a new generation mobile phone and after searching several days I Found this amazing Go program.

The thing is If it's possible to Import & Export SGF files?


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Post by lpaatero » Thu Apr 19, 2007 6:44 pm

GOWriteME uses also internally SGF, and there are few different ways to do importing and exporting.

There are few ways to import SGFs:

1. Download from WWW pages. In main game, select "download game". Most recent GOWriteME can read simple WWW pages, and download SGF files in them.

2. In full-featured GOWriteME version you read SGF from file in memory card or phone internal memory.
In main menu select "Saved games". There different devices available are shown in the top of list, they might be like "c:\" or "e:\" (this is what I see in Nokia S40 phone). Select one of these, for example "e:\" shows content of memory card. There will be (unfortunate) number of security questions when browsing directories... You can open SGF any file with .sgf extension.

How to export SGFs:

1. You can set up email address in settings (currently only thing in settings).
This allows mail SGF game to the email address using server as helper. Mailing can be found from "saved games" -> select game -> "Send".

2. In full-featured GOWriteME version game can be saved in different location.
When editing SGF, in "Options" you can find button "Save File as". This allows saving the file into GOWrite internal storage, or to other device (phone internal memory or memory card).

One thing to note about use of phone internal memory (at least in Nokia phones):
GOWriteME does not see all of directories, but only subset of all of them. So usually it is best to use memory card (e:\), GOWriteME sees it in the same way as all other application. This strange behaviour is due to Java (MIDP).

If (when) something feels unintuitive, plaese let me know. It is suprisingly difficult to see all unituitive situations when making application.

- Lauri

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Post by h4nul » Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:06 pm

Thanks for the answer!