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GOWrite 2.2.9

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This version fixes number of nimor issues.
Version 2.2.9 is close to stable version.

Installing and uninstalling GOWrite 2.2.9

It is possible to have both 2.1 and 2.2 installed at the same time, but I do not recommend it. It is generally better to install 2.2 on top of 2.1. Should one want to revert back to 2.1, just install 2.1 again on top of 2.2. This prevents any adverse interactions between versions. It is not necessary to uninstall other version before installing another version over it.

GOWrite 2.2.9 can be downloaded from main download page (http://gowrite.net/GOWrite2_download.html).

Questions or comments on this version?

Please post any comments or questions as replies to this post.

If GOWrite is started manually from command line, please use command
java -Xmx200m -jar GOWrite.jar

Search database will work only from first GOWrite instance started in this way.

GOWrite 2.2.9 main features new features (compared to 2.1)

Game database search available. See separate post on using search http://www.gowrite.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1449.

Support for both sibling-style variations and children-style variations, menu view->Show move before variation.

Improved move number rendering in very small sized bitmap boards.

Now it is possible to move into variation using keyboard: just press letter of desired variation ("a" is main variation). In order to go to "up and into variation" enter upper case letter.

Wizard to speed up adding multiple diagrams to SGF file (menu file->print&export wizard).

"single window mode": New SGF files are opened into same window, not in new (view->reuse window). This has been (I believe) last significant GOWrite 1.4 feature missing from GOWrite 2.

SVG export for exporting (x)html and svg. Tested with firefox 1.5 and latest Scribus. SVG implementations seem to differ to the point that revents good working in many cases. When exporting to (X)HTML move comments may use graphics to refer the commented move.

Now it is possible to copy just move, no board at all: select move and edit->copy single move.

Some pre-selected board colors in board color change dialog.

Minor refreshing to visual outlook. Now GOWrite works better with different desktop color settings.

Cleaning help from outdated information done. Help is now divided into use guide and reference sections. Most new features are at least mentioned in help.

Now it is possible to automatically include move number range (like (1-101)" ) in diagram title. This option can be selected for diagram in diagram settings dialog in detail pane, or set as default in Options->Default Diagram Settings.

Diagram can now include few (or all) moves from previous diagram. This makes it easy to do diagrams like 1-101, 101-201, where same move is numbered in two diagrams. This option can be selected for diagram in diagram settings dialog in detail pane, or set as default in Options->Default Diagram Settings.

Settings are stored in .gowrite directory in file .gowrite/gowrite22.cfg

Linux rpm installation package installs icon and menu entry.

Copy wizard to make guided clipboard copies.

And starting from 2.2.9, GOWrite can be translated, see internal help for more information.

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