Help Printing a problem collection

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Help Printing a problem collection

Post by lokbuddha »

I have about 500 Gokyo Shumyo problems in SGF format that I want to feed into Gowrite2 to automatically produce a problem collection.

I tried various options in Gowrite 2 but still not getting what I want.

Basically, I have all the problems in 1 folder, then in Gowrite 2, under "File"-- "Collection" -- "Included files" all 500 problems. Then I used the printing wizard to to print "all game from collection". I varied several option under the wizard, but all of them give me:

1. the initial problem position (partial board view) + the solution back to back (partial board view)
2. The problems' numbering is 1, then 2 for the solution, and repeat for the next problem. (I did change the "{1-7}" option but none of them work.

I need:

1. Feed the problems into Gowrite2
2. Produce a problem collection printout uniform stones size for all the problem with no solution back to back
3. Correct numbering (problem 1 is 1, problem 2 is 2)
4. I usually use Drago for this, but the problem with Drago is that the stones size are not uniform in size, so in some problems the position spread half the board, and Drago 3x3 layout would output a tiny size stones. But even in not so extreme cases, stones size vary problems to problems give me headache. And Gowrite2 actually can give uniform size printout for all the problem. Just the 2 problems above I'm facing.

How should I do this in Gowrite2? Thanks in advance
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Re: Help Printing a problem collection

Post by lpaatero »


GOWrite does not (yet?) have specific support for problem collections.

It is possible (but quite tricky) to create text as "problem" and "solution". Making things work require getting familiar with Javas messageformat specifiers ( ... ormat.html).

There one way to use it could be like "{0,choice,1#Problem|2#Solution}". So any diagram of number 1 is problem and with number 2 is solution.

Some post-processing may also be needed. One tool for it would be ps tools.

All in all, this is not simple process, so I cannot really document or support it really.

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