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Printing Question

Post by Javaness »

Hi, I was trying to make a diagram for the British Go Journal and got stuck
In the diagram I wanted the last 75 moves in a game, with move numbers, and showing a whole bunch of dead stones that are captured in these last 75 moves. What is the best way of doing this? I couldn't find a way of manipulating Pring View to do this properly. I am sure I am missing a very simple way of doing this.

What I ended up doing was, adding in the stones on the last move with the edit tool. Then printing in game view.I had added move numbers in CGoban3 already. This is clearly wrong.
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Re: Printing Question

Post by lpaatero »

Problem is quite simple:
You should not add move numbers this way to stones. Do not use this feature in cgoban3, it makes things really messy to work with.

Actually this first item in forum post

When you want to have diagram, where first move is for example 150, you go to move 149, and use command insert->new diagram. Now print view will show you what diagram will look like. Or follow

You probably need to delete label-numbers manually: Goto point of labels in game; Select label tool in left hand tools; select all of board; and then just delete.

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