Searching: Using GOWrite game search

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Searching: Using GOWrite game search

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GOWrite contains game database search functionality starting 2.2.3.

Search can find move patterns from games stored in disk.

In order to use search:
  • Options->Game database opens database status page.
    - In status page Database Setup Wizard can be used to create database for searches.
    - In Wizard: Put your SGF directories into list of directories to search. GOWrite includes automatically all subdirectories into searches. It is possible to put all users files under search, this does not normally cause any performance problem.
    After this you can start to use the database for searches.
    - Select (non-empty) area from board (for example interesting joseki), and do edit-> Search From Game Database
What games can be searched?
GOWrite can search any sgf files in disk. Thus you may search your own games in disk, and any game collection you have in sgf format. Also sgf joseki libraries (such as kogo) can be searched. Also games in ZIP files can be searched (if enable when selecting directories to search!)
GOWrite itself does not contain any sgf games. If you want to have collection of professional games, I recommend GoGoD collection CD

Search details

Games found in search directories are index in background, and appear in database gradually. Typical indexing speed is more that 10 games / second. After initial database is build, new games viewed using GOWrite appear in database typically within 10 seconds.

Database is refreshed automatically every day. Refreshes are very fast, as refresh compares file dates in order to detect modified files. In GOwrite 2.3 it is also possible to select only manual updating of database, or weekly updates to database. Manual update may be useful with laptops to save battery.

Search automatically searches for all rotations, mirroring and altering of color. Also variations are searched. Put Kogo joseki dictionary in to any searched directory to see it automatically in results.

Search results contain games that contain exactly the searched position, and also games that contain position close to searched position.

Results are available in many ways:
  • List of games found (best match first)
    List of positions found, that match, or are close to search; list of all games with position.
    List of continuations for each position found, and list of all games having this continuation.
Selecting games opens it in same view for quick looking.

Double-clicking game opens it in GOWrite editor.

Planned additional features
  • - Text searches (player names, dates etc).
Feedback welcome
Please tell me what would make it more useful to you!
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