Environments where GOWrite 2 works

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Environments where GOWrite 2 works

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GOWrite is known to run on at least
  • Windows
    Mac OS X
when using Sun (or Apple) Java runtime.
Unfortunately GOWrite does not work in runtimes using GUN/ClassPath, as ClassPath has (as of 25-sep-2006) limitations in swing support. (This may have changed.)

Does GOWrite 2 work in all Java SE enabled systems?
It should; but it is quite possible that GOWrite or Java bugs prevent it running in some environment. Please let me know if you find environment where there are problems.
Basically GOWrite 2.3 should work in environments with Java 1.5 support. (2.2 works with Java 1.4).
But new environment may reveal previously hidden bugs.
So only way to really know if GOWrite 2 works in certain new environment is to try it out.
If you test GOWrite 2 in some new environment, please let me know results.

Does GOWrite work an really small devices?

Most netbooks can easily run GOWrite (if Java support is installed).
GOWrite 2 does not run on small devices.
Most hand-held devices do not meet processor or screen requirements to run GOWrite 2.
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