Clipboard: Problems with Graphics Metafiles in Windows

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Clipboard: Problems with Graphics Metafiles in Windows

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GOWrite 2 produces both Windows Metafiles (WMF) and Enhanced Metafiles (EMF). Both Windows version and application affect which one is pasted into document using clipboard. As general rule WMF offers better portability and EMF offers better quality.

Windows can automatically convert between these two formats. However this conversion is of poor quality and should be avoided for best results.

Some text (or numbers) are of poor quality in Windows

GOWrite 2 tries to use platform fonts in Windows metafiles. However in WMF (and in some cases in EMF) GOWrite 2 cannot use full set of fonts, especially in asian languages.

In those cases GOWrite 2 vectorizes strings containing problematic characters. This should have only minor effect on printing quality, but on-screen vieweing quality suffers, because all font hinting information is lost.

Problem can usually be avoided by using EMF files and font that support all required characters.

Error messages when copying to clipbard

If you use Windows 95/98/ME and sometimes get error message (and not graphics) while trying to use clipboard graphics, go to Options | Clipboard Graphics | Windows Metafile | Edit | Portable Fonts (Vector Fonts).
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