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GOWrite 2.3.40

Postby lpaatero » Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:18 pm

GOWrite 2.3.40 contains number of improvements, many based on comments in blog posting and PDF about GOWrite:
    * Diagram numbers can now be dynamic, eg variable ("{0}" etc) replacement may be delayed to exporting or printing.
    * Implemented NGF and GIB importing. I have only few test files for each of formats, so please send me more testing material! Also files in other interesting formats (including gos, ig1) are welcome!
    * Re-organizing printing wizard to lower number of options while trying to keep all useful functionality. Main change is adding "material type" option, that allows GOWrite to adjust various heuristics internally.
    * Chinese language uses "=56" instead of [56] or at 56 in exceptions.
    * Fixed serious bug left in Network proxy implementation in 2.3.39.
    * Fixed bug in DnD of SGF text created in 2.3.39.

Translation notes:
    * Print wizard contains new texts, and existing texts may have slight changes for clarity.

- Lauri

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