Game: Printing example game.
Date: 1846-07-21,24-25
Black: Honinbo Shusaku
Black rank: 4 dan
White: Gennan Inseki
White rank: 8 dan
Result: B+3


This is GO Write 2 printing and exporting example. Example contains many features used when commenting games.
Please print this using following steps: - Open print dialog using File -> Print - Select "Print all diagrams", - Select "Print comments", - Select correct printer (from "Set Up Printer") - After configuring printer press "Print" button. This will produce multi-page commented game printout.

Black 25 is mistake.

Correct move

Black 15
As the ladder works, white collapses.

Diagram 3

Reasonable for white.

Diagram 4

Ear reddening move

Black 127
Famous ear reddening move.

Diagram 6

Diagram 7

Diagram 8

Diagram 9